According to you retain around 75% of what you learn by practicing it, and 90% by teaching it to someone else.

I don’t know where they got those numbers from, but they kinda make sense. I’ve always remembered large chunks of the stuff I’ve thought others. I think it’s because you need to get your shit together. And, you know, deliver yourself to others.

So far I’ve just been doing really basic stuff. But I’m trying. I’m practicing. I’m struggling. And I’m learning. Every time I have to spend time searching for an answer, and then implementing it. It’s like it burns into my brain. In a good way.

The blog posts are supposed to be my way of process what I do, and in a way try to teach it. But I guess I just, at least so far, explain very basic what I’ve been doing.. I don’t know. It needs to be better to get the teacher effect.

Anyways, I’ve decided to start a “What is?” series. Where I just write up a small post about new topics i encounter. I’ll explain the basics of it, and provide good external resources for further reading.

This is mainly for my own part. You know. To retain better. And hopefully it will be a resource for others as well.