The past two weeks I’ve been working on FreeCodeCamp challenges. Mostly the algorithms. Struggling with the algorithms actually. Frustratingly large amounts of struggling. But. Oh. My. Lord. When I solve some of the. The glorious feeling of achievement!

And thinking about redoing some of the Intermediate Front End Development Projects. Any maybe, maaaaaybe, starting with the Advanced ones. But it hasn’t gone any further than the thinking.

The main reason for this, I believe, is because I said I wouldn’t include the Freecodecamp challenges in my 100 projects. This was dumb. I literally handed my procrastinator monkey (we all have one, inside of us) a lot of fuel. A lot!


I am This Blog! The Morning and Evening Star; if I say, “day is night”, it will be written! And this challenge will be what I say it is!

So from now on. Freecodecamp is very much in the game.

I enjoy Freecodecamp quite a lot. The concept. The community. Quinzy Larson and all of it. I intend to be among those who has done the whole curriculum.


By the way. I fond this guy Mart from Estonia. Also freecodecamping. Also blogging. Just much better than me. I has some really good posts about how he solves the algorithm challenges.

Check out his blog!