I’ve done many¬†of the freeCodeCamp¬†Algorithm Scripting challenges. I’ve struggled a lot. I’ve cursed coding. I’ve given up. Multiple times. Stayed up all night thinking about them. One time, I even woke up in the middle of the night cause I had an apiffany.

Most of the challenges I’ve inelegantly brute forced my way through.

So. I’ve decided to start over again. This time, I’m going to log it here on my blog. I’ll try to explain my thought process. I’ll write it down. I’ll push it up to github. Show my code to the world (for glory).

fancy fcc picture

But the most important thing. I will learn to test. I will do all the challenges in my own text editor. Aaaaand write my own tests. I’ve heard so much and read so much about testing, TDD, BDD and what not. But I still don’t know how to do it.

I’ve heard about mocha and jasmine(?) and RSpec (that’s ruby, right?).

Now it’s time to do.

You know. Because I’m a doer now. Yeah!

I’m going to do the JavaScript Unit Testing Course on teamTreehouse first. And then it’s on like donkey kong.

(I feel like I should get some money from Treehouse, cause I keep mentioning them all the time. Maybe some day when my blog becomes super famous.. )

Anyways. Onwards!